Dianne Dawe: Knitter, Photographer

When Di was four, her aunt introduced her to knitting so she could make outfits for her dolls and teddy. That love of knitting grew over the years, as she knitted for herself, then her children and now for The Gallery. Di finds it very relaxing and enjoys to chance to knit in front of the tv.

Photography was a passion of Di’s father and she can always remember him having a camera wherever they went – her childhood is mainly on slides.

At age eight, Di received her first camera, complete with settings and her father was resolute about teaching all the finer points from that time.

Now with the digital era, she has relished the times she can take many photos, edit or delete them as desired. Di now makes coffee table books of her holidays, knowing it is much easier to pick up a book, rather than a computer screen for viewing!