Chieko Hester: Origami Artist

Growing up in Japan, Chieko fondly remembers her fascination and enthusiasm for origami beginning around 6 years old, when her father taught her to fold a paper crane.

Origami is an ancient cultural discipline, reflective of both the complexity and simplicity of nature and the world around us. Eastern philosophy teaches that mastery of the technique takes practice, patience and time.

Whilst Chieko’s origami pieces are based on tradition, she is influenced by the desire to combine both Eastern and Western design aesthetics.

Chieko is challenged to explore and expand upon her knowledge of paper folding to present art works in a variety of formats, including framed 3D works, hanging works, jewellery and gift cards.

Authentic “Yuzen Washi” papers are sourced directly from contacts in Japan, and Chieko combines her own origami constructions with other techniques such as embossing and montage.

Japanese tradition and culture is truly appreciated and this is conveyed through the art works – a sense of calm and serenity, the joy of nature, and the beauty in simple things.