Serena McQueen: Jewellery

To many I am fairly new to exhibiting my work, but for me I have been in an artistic environment all my life. I studied art at school and completed Art and Design at Footscray College of TAFE. From then I started work and a family but it is not until now that I am able to explore my artistic endeavours.

   I have worked in many different forms of medium including Oils, watercolour and leadlight. I have always been fascinated with jewellery and glass so when I completed a two day course in lampworking with Pauline Delaney, this seemed to be a natural progression for me.

   I will continue to push my boundaries to explore new ideas through glass and other forms of beading, silversmithing, wood and recycling. Things that inspire me are colour, design and nature. Fashion is a statement and it is my desire to help others show their personality through what they wear.

I have grown up in Macedon and I have always been encouraged to express myself through art. Mediums that I have worked in include oils, watercolour, ceramics, and leadlight. However it wasn’t until I completed a two day course in Lampworking that I discovered my passion. Previously I had been beading but this allowed me to make my own beads that are unique and hand made.

  Lampworking uses a torch and glass rods which are melted and formed into different shapes using tools and hand movements. It is then placed in a kiln to be annealed.

  The colours and translucency that glass provides are truly amazing and I still want to learn more about my craft. I am also experimenting with copper, silver, wood and recycled materials.