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Leslie Grahovac: Textile Artist

Born in Southern California and influenced by the numerous sunny days and the Mexican artistic vibrancy of the region, I have always loved bold colour and design. 

With a bright palette, I captured the local landscapes in watercolours before studying textile design where I fell for the strong compositions of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. 

 I am personally fascinated with the microscopic and the very large as they share a similarity in design.  Cell structures, virus’s and diatoms under the microscope appear as complex as star or gas formations in the universe.  These similar and ever changing forms are a constant in my own designs.

 I began working with silk on a one day course and never looked back.  Silk shows off colour better than any other fibre and nothing feels more luxurious on the skin. 

 I hand paint and hand dye silk and then sew simple styles of clothing to showcase my textile designs.  Using silk crepe or silk satin, my tops and dresses are made for comfort and will suit varied shapes and sizes. Flowing freely or belted, silk wraps around a body beautifully. 

 Both my clothing and silk scarves are unique pieces.  I hope you enjoy my work and encourage you to try them on and experience the delights of silk.


June 2016     The Gallery Winter Solstice Fashion Parade, Mount Macedon, Victoria  Australia

October 2016 Kerrie Hall Art Show, Kerrie, Victoria  Australia