Lorna Thrift Brooks

Art work has been the focus of my life for almost 70 years, in all varieties of media plus printmaking, collage, sculpture, pottery, paper, glass, and jewellery.

I have had many wonderful teachers whose methods have stayed with me throughout my career.  I have been a teacher in adult education in South Australia before coming to Macedon. I also taught in Gisborne in the 1980s.

 I have lived in Macedon since 1979  and my work as a practising artist has continued to this day  age 86.  Painting has been a consuming passion and will probably remain so. The process and aspect of work are where I can lose myself entirely.    At the conclusion of any work I become my harshest critic.  If the standard is good , I am happy to let it go.  I am no longer attached.

I make no claim's to be a landscape artist or portrait artist in my work .  It varies from figures to total imagination.  I use whatever media that comes to mind with the subject. at hand. Oils acrylics water media ect.     This covers the range of work I have done over the years from, sculpture , jewellery cast paper . and printmaking..  I recently purchased an etching press and have relived my interest in etching and aquatints. and enjoying it !

 I was fortunate to be chosen as Artist in Residence at Arthur Boyd's property Bundanon in 1996 and spent a wonderful time painting  and living amongst his paintings.

 I became a published author of a book of poetry  " Lilies on the Tongue." and a small chap book   "Walk Softly Among the Stones." published by Ginninderra Press of Adelaide.

 In the last few years illness has slowed my progress somewhat , but I keep finding new challenges to revive my interests.